2013 Black Friday Hot Deals: Rip DVD to Surface 2 for playing

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2013 Black Friday Hot Deals: Rip DVD to Surface 2 for playing

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2013 Black Friday Hot Deals: Rip DVD to Surface 2 for playing
Description: Simplest and most reliable guide to show you how to transfer and watch Thanksgiving DVD movies on Surface 2 with Pavtube DVD Ripper.

Thanksgiving Day
is coming. On that day, People give thanks for the blessings they have enjoyed during the year. Thanksgiving Day is usually a family day. People always celebrate with big dinners and happy reunions. Pumpkin pie and Indian pudding are traditional Thanksgiving desserts. Relatives from other cities, students who have been away at school and many other Americans travel a long distance to spend the holiday at home. It is a good recreation to enjoy Thanksgiving movies with your family.

Last year, Microsoft launched Surface as its almost-Windows tablet that almost succeeded in bringing Windows to the tablet form factor. It was as thin as an iPad, it came with a full-size USB port and almost full Office, it had a kickstand to hold it up and you could snap on an amazingly thin keyboard. For Surface 2, Microsoft has tackled a lot of the issues - in hardware and software - as well as improving the spec.

It has a new screen, a new two-position kickstand, USB 3, a faster processor, new keyboards and all the new features of Windows 8.1, from IE 11 to SkyDrive integration to more Snap window sizes. It's still Windows RT, so you can't add extra software to the desktop, but you still get Microsoft Office, and now it includes Outlook.

Have you have the thought of backing up or viewing your Thanksgiving DVD movies on your Surface 2? With our DVD to Surface 2 converter,
you can convert DVD movies to Surface 2 mp4 files and played created movies on your Surface 2 smoothly.

First of all, you need download and install a free copy of the best DVD to Surface 2 on your computer.

Note: Please download the DVD to Surface 2 Converter for Mac
if you are Mac OS X users, including OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion.

Then let's go through the whole process of ripping Thanksgiving DVD movie to Surface 2 with best quality.

Step 1. Click this "Load Disc" button to browser to your disc drive and import your source disc.

Tips: You can select the wanted audio track from "Audio" drop-down list and desired subtitles from "Subtitle" tab.

Step 2. Hit the "Format" menu you could choose the suitable profile for Surface 2.

When you cannot find the particular profile for your device from Pavtube DVD Ripper, don't worry, it includes several general presets which are compatible for most Windows products.

Note: You are allowed to set presets to get better video and audio performance on your Surface 2 by clicking "Settings" icon.

Note: Higher Bitrate leads to better video quality in saved file, but it also creates larger video size. Don't forget the balance between video quality and size.

Step 3. Hit the "Convert" icon and start ripping DVD to Surface 2 playable MP4 format. After it finishes, you would get a created MP4 file in output destination. Now you are ready to transfer your DVD movies to Surface 2 and enjoy your Thanksgiving movies there.

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