Can I play DVD ISO/IFO images on iPad Air, iPad 3/4?

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Can I play DVD ISO/IFO images on iPad Air, iPad 3/4?

Post  aqlucky on Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:34 pm

Can I play DVD ISO/IFO images on iPad Air, iPad 3/4?
I often back up my DVD collections to the computer,  from the DVD folder, i find there is a ISO file, by wikipedia i learn that it's a image file which contains the full information of the DVD, the question is how can i play these ISO image files on my new iPad?”

It's clear that the third generation iPad can't play DVD ISO movies directly, though it's more powerful in many aspects, it still can't resolve DVD ISO files. Many people just like the question described, have many DVD collections in their computer, and want to watch DVD ISO movies on iPad Air, iPad 3/4 as ease. Perhaps you also have this requirement, how did you make it?

As far as i know, there are two solutions to solve this problem, one is selecting a right media player, which is able to play DVD ISO files, the other is converting DVD ISO image files to iPad Air, iPad 3/4 compatibled video formats. After several tests, I decided to give up the first solution, because i tried many iPad media players, no one to my satisfaction. For myself, the second solution seems easier to realize. Now, i will share you how did i make it.

In order to transcode DVD ISO to new iPad, the help of DVD ripping software is necessary. Here i take PavtubeDVD Ripper as an example. It equiped with Nvidia CUDA and ATI Stream acceleration technology, supply us fast speed, and then save us much time. Below is a simple guide.

1. Install this DVD ISO to iPad Air, iPad 3/4 converter on your computer, import your DVD ISO files into this program.

Click on “Format” box, a list will appear, you can easily find the “iPad” category, there are some iPad Air/iPad 3/4 presets, as follows, just choose the one you like.

3. Start the conversion by clicking on the “Convert” button on the interface of this iPad 3 DVD ISO converter.

As you see, just 3 steps, you will make it, compared to selecting players, this solution can really save a lot of time and effort. After the conversion is finished, transfer the result video to new iPad via iTunes, then you canview DVD ISO movies on new iPad 3 freely.

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