Guides for copying and playing Disney Blu-ray movies on Mac

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Guides for copying and playing Disney Blu-ray movies on Mac

Post  lydia520622 on Fri Nov 29, 2013 12:08 pm

Summary: This articles is about how to copy popular protected Disney Blu-ray movies on Mac OS X(Mavericks). If you have no ideal how to deal with your large Disney BD collection, get some tips from this article.

Disney movie is favored by many people. When got a pile of Disney Blu-ray discs, you may worry about the kids will scratch or damage them. The safe way is to make a Blu-ray copy of it. But Disney Blu-ray has copy protection, for general Blu-ray copying software, it probably would make a failure copy. However, Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper for Mac is more intelligent than others and can remove the Disney protect and backup Disney Blu-ray on Mac OS X perfectly.

This Mac Blu-ray copy provides you with professional solutions to copy and back up Disney’s Blu-ray movie to either the hard drive of your Mac, or to your portable devices, like iPad, iPhone Galaxy S4, Apple TV, etc. The following guide will show you the details about how to copy and back up Disney’s Blu-ray movie on Mac OS X by using Brorsoft Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac.

How to copy and back up Disney’s Blu-ray movie on Mac

Step 1: Once you run the Disney Blu-ray Ripper Mac, click BD disc button to load Blu-ray movie up into the program

Step 2: Choose a way to copy your Disney Blu-ray.

A. Full BD Disc Copy Mode: Copy Disney Blu-ray Disc to a full Blu-ray folder containing all the content in original BD.

Click the quick button "Copy the entire disc" to start copying the Disney Blu-ray disc to hard drive, including the menus, titles, ads, etc.

B. Directly Blu-ray Copy Mode: Backup Disney Blu-ray Disc to a file with M2TS as filename extension. This mode enables copy movie only from Blu-ray discs, compared with former mode, save time in copying AACS Blu-ray Disc and space to store the output M2TS file to make reasonable and practical use.

Click "Format" bar, choose "Copy" > "Directly Copy" from the Format menu and then specify a folder to save the M2TS files from Disney Blu-ray disc.

Source:Rip and Copy Disney Blu-rays on Mac Mavericks


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